Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finding Joy in Quacks and Slacks

Dennis and I left the homestead early this morning and headed to Mc D's for coffee and food.  While we were waiting in the drive-thru line a mother duck and her three babies made an appearance.  They were headed for the little stream that runs through the Stanley Village shopping center in Estes Park.  I managed to get a couple of shots of the little family just before they reached the water. 

Here the little guys were trotting along the curb that mom had already crossed.  They appeared a bit boggled by the prospect of jumping up over the curb. 

After a foot or so, the lead duckling made a mad leap up onto the sidewalk and the other two followed.
They were too fast for my camera to catch them in the act, but I did nab them after the fact.  No doubt the leader is the oldest of the three and the control freak.  You gotta love the birth order.

After purchasing our breakfast, we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park for our morning scripture reading and prayer (we're currently studying 1 Samuel and Proverbs).  We found a quiet, scenic place to park.  A young couple walked by that we earlier had passed while driving to our destination.  When we first saw them we were intrigued with the young man's beautiful pants of many colors and mentioned that it would be fun to snap a photo of the unique slacks for my blog.  Given a second chance at a possible photo op, Dennis couldn't resist asking them if they would pose for me.  They graciously agreed. Here's a big "thank you" to Ben and Ali, a very cool couple from Texas, for allowing me the privilege of photographing them, along with Ben's fabulous Peruvian pants.  

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