Thursday, August 19, 2010

Easy Does It

This has been an exciting week for our family. Two grandchildren enjoyed milestone events.

Six year-old Oliver lost his first baby tooth. Despite the fact that Dennis and I were miles away when this monumental happening took place, we did witness it (albeit second hand) through the wonder of modern technology. Keri, Ollie's mom, caught it on her iPhone.  A video triumph.

I love the last comment Ollie makes before the movie ends, "It was easy." 

Oh to be six again, when losing teeth is no big deal. Why worry if you temporarily resemble an NHL player? In a few months larger chompers will fill the gaps. Besides, there's that whole monetary reward system that kicks in when your deciduous teeth fall out.  The tooth fairy makes multiple nocturnal visits, exchanges your absent ivories for various sums, and your piggy bank is all the richer. It doesn't get any better than that.

Oh sure, I could tell Oliver that dental hygiene won't always be a walk in the park. I could tell him that one day he'll be shelling out mega moola to some dentist to keep his adult teeth from falling out. But I'm not going to. He'll find out soon enough the cold, hard facts. For now let him bask in the knowledge that "it was easy."

Oliver's sister Emma celebrated her ninth birthday on Saturday.

We were there for pizza on the grill, birthday cake and presents. A bittersweet time. Our little girl is growing up. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was in awe of the Wiggles?

Happy birthday, again, Sweet Pea. Don't grow up too fast, ok?

Love to both of my grandchildren from their Nana.

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