Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

(We should still be getting snow here in the 
Colorado Rockies instead of dry, windy weather with temperatures in the 70's.
You've most likely heard of the Lower North Fork fire, near Denver, that has claimed the life of a man and his wife. Please pray for their family 
and for rain for our beautiful state. 
We're very concerned.
Thank you.)

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This white barn sits on a ranch nestled in a small valley outside of Estes Park. I saw the place for the first time last Sunday and wanted to photograph it then, 
but it was a cloudy day. 
This sunshiny morning I grabbed my camera and drove out
to the ranch. Just as I arrived a mountain blue bird flew past my car. It was typically illusive and avoided being photographed. But I loved seeing it anyway.

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I wanted you to see more of the ranch.




  1. Wow these place is beautiful. Love the view.

    Barn Charm

  2. Great captures Nancy! That's a very charming white barn in the first photo. But, the second photo is amazing. What a gorgeous view!

  3. so glad you took a wider view of that ranch. so beautiful!

    i did hear about the fires on this morning's news. i do hope this is not the start of a terrible fire season for Colorado...

  4. Nice barn, plenty of room for critters and machines. - Margy

  5. I heard about the fire on the news today. I think we're all in for a long fire season. Stay safe!

  6. What a wonderful, beautiful ranch!

  7. Very serene, peaceful pictures. Praying for rain for your state :) Greetings from New York :)

  8. I hadn't heard about the fire or deaths, I'm so sorry & will definitely pray for their families! Awful! Do they know what caused the fire, yet?

    God bless, keep everyone safe, and extinguish the fires as soon as possible with no more loss of life or property damage!

  9. It is nice to get the overall view as well - and what a view.
    You are right, it is far too early for this kind of weather and without much snow, everything is too dry.

  10. I just realized that I got sidetracked by the fire & forgot to comment on the barn... Looks like an ideal set up, most definitely! Gorgeous place

    Thank you very much for joining =)

  11. Beautiful place- sorry to hear about the loss of lives in the fire- that is so sad. I hope your lovely state gets rains soon.

  12. what a view. such a sad story there. while away we got to read a newspaper to sort of catch up. & were so sadden to see that news. so terrible. wonder why they don't report more on the nightly news. have you heard more. please email me if you can. thanks. i will be linking up next week. missed out due to being in disney world. take care. (:


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