Monday, February 21, 2011

We have a winner!

For a few moments I thought we would have a tie for the February Favorite Friday Foto, but fortunately one more vote came in to keep that from happening. And the winner is. . .

Light of the World

I have to admit I'm very fond of this photo. While Dennis painted in the Endo Valley picnic area last September, I looked for photo ops. One doesn't have to go very far to find them. The bright morning light at the end of this black tunnel of trees astounded me. It spoke of the world's darkness and how Christ is the light that dispels it. I'm glad I got this shot.

Later that same morning we hiked up the Alluvial Fan. I took this photo of Dennis painting near the top. . .

Then I hiked up a little farther to get this shot. . .

Isn't the sky the most incredible shade of blue? It's one of the best things about living here.  

Thanks to everyone who voted over the weekend. I put all your names in a baseball cap and Dennis pulled out Anonymous, aka Deb. Your Starbucks card is on its way, Deb.

This Friday I'll post the winning photos from the past three weeks for a final vote. See you then!


  1. Ah, Nancy. Your photos make me praise God for His goodness. Just looking at them raises my spirits. Thanks. Love you, my friend!

  2. Thank you, Dena. There's nothing better than knowing God gets the glory from my photographs. Much love to you, dear friend.


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