Friday, February 11, 2011

It's February Favorite Foto Friday and Whoa! Another Giveaway!

Hurrah! It's February Favorite Foto Friday. Your chance to have fun and win a prize.

But first I have to tell you about my visitors yesterday. I was sitting at my desk, which faces our backyard, and all of a sudden I saw this cute little face appear outside the french doors. . .
A young mule deer decided to taste test my dried up tomato plant. Hey, I don't mind sharing this time of year, if he doesn't mind eating woody stems. I didn't want to scare him, so I stayed seated in my desk chair and snapped the photo.

A second deer came up to the french doors and peered in. Take a look at those big, brown eyes. . .

Then I noticed more deer coming down the hill behind our apartment.  They took an interest in the very large pine tree  and dried grass about three yards from the doors. At this point I had to get up and take a closer look. . .
I wanted to get better photos, but was sure if I opened the door I would frighten them.  I waited until they moved a little farther away, and then quietly opened the door. This fella decided to stay, but kept a wary eye on me. . .

I love the wildlife here in Estes Park. There is a special vitality they bring whenever they stop by our place.

Ok, on to round 2 of February Favorite Foto Friday. I'm going to show you three more of my favorite photos and you get to vote on which one of the three you like best. Everyone who voted last week will be receiving a postcard of their favorite photo. (We printed them off today and they'll be in the mail tomorrow.)  I had fun reading your comments, and I'm hoping to get even more this week. In fact, I'm hoping so hard that I've decided to really sweeten the pot and do another giveaway. This time you'll have a chance to win a $5 Starbucks Card e-Gift just by voting for your favorite photo. I'll take the names of everyone who voted this time and throw them into a hat. Then I'll let Dennis draw one winning name. Hey, as much as I like Starbucks I'm tempted to vote on my own photos just for a chance to win!

As a recap, here are the details of the February Favorite Foto Friday Giveaway:

  • Every Friday in February I'll post three photos from my album and you'll have a chance to vote for your favorite. Only one vote per person allowed.
  • By noon Mountain Standard Time on the following Monday I’ll post the winning photo of the week based on the number of votes cast. You have until Monday noon Mountain time to vote.
  • On the last Friday of the month I'll post the winning photos from the past three Fridays, and you can vote again for your favorite of those final three. 
  • Out of those three photos one will emerge as the February Favorite Foto Friday Photo of the Month based on your votes. I'll take the names of all of you who cast votes in February and put your names in a hat. Then I'll let Dennis pick one name out of the hat. The winner will receive an 8 x 10 print of their choice (without the copyright notation, of course) from all the photos I posted on February Fridays. 
Okay, nature lovers, here we go. Vote for your favorite photo by using the comment bar at the bottom of this post. You have until noon mountain time on Monday to vote. Here are your choices:

Photo #1 - Beside Still Waters

Photo #2 - Poppies!

Photo #3 - Red Sky Sunrise

Have fun, cast your vote and tell your friends to do the same. Then be sure to come back Monday to see the winning photo.


  1. Photo #1, but it's still hard to choose! I loved the pictures of your visitors, too. :-)
    ~ Marylyn

  2. All great as usual, but I pick #3. It's so beautiful.

  3. Still waters! I need some of those right now!

  4. Oh wow this is so difficult! They are all so beautiful! But....I must go for the water again- my vote is for "Beside Still Waters"......(and I love the deer pics too! As I read your words I imagined you as not to scare the visitors away!)

  5. WOW, what an amazing ability you have for capturing God's creation in photograph...and then combining them with beautiful word of encouragement and call to personal reflection. But then one should not be surprised by the gift God has given you when He knew you would use it "forhizglori" That said, I LOVE and am EXCITED by hope of Spring that the Poppies bring, I must cast my "ONE ONLY" vote for the peaceful "Beside Still Waters" photo.

  6. Okay, Nancy, as always you make it hard to choose. But those poppies just knock my socks off. they're absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Hi Nancy! I have to chose "Beside still waters" because I can feel the water on my feet. I used to love to take the dogs to any river in Colorado and let them splash around. I also loved to dip my feet in the cool, clear water on a warm, sunny day. Love you! Amy


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