Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Barn Charm #86

This barn sits on a quaint ranch at the mouth of Big Thompson Canyon. The photo is blurry because I took it from a speeding vehicle. No names will be mentioned.



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  1. This scene looks like a walk back in time when everything on the farm started in the barnyard instead of having dedicated places for each task. I love these "driveby shootings". :-) Think what we'd miss if we waited for the perfect frame.

  2. Great driveby shootings even it they were from a speeding vehicle. I love the corral with the white horse in the first one.

  3. HaHa, you made me laugh. But still a couple of great shots. Love that you were still able to get all those buildings in the last one.

  4. i can feel the motion of the 'fly-by' when looking at these pics, esp the 1st one, feels like i'm in the car w/ ya! lol

    Thanks so much for joining =)


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