Friday, May 11, 2012

Rural Thursday - What a Difference a Day Makes

So yesterday it's 80 degrees outside and a deer is on our front porch munching on the lilac bush. Which is okay, because there will be no lilac flowers this year. All the buds died in the frost we had a couple of weeks ago. Somebody ought to get some enjoyment out of that bush and it might as well be "Bud". (Notice the ring on the deer's topnotch that looks like a washer? That's how he got his name. . .that little ring is where his antler will "bud".)
"Bud" caught in the act.

Anyway, so that was yesterday. And this is the mountains in May. And we need moisture. And we got it. And my husband is now doing "the happy dance" because it's snowing. 

I am not amused.



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  1. *GASP* Holy Snow In May, Batman... YiKeS! I wouldn't be amused, either =0
    Gorgeous deer shot... no pun intended! heheheee =)

  2. It looks like the kind that will melt quickly -- I'd wouldn't be too sad about it. :)

  3. Oh yes, just stopped in for a bite or two!

  4. Bud is certainly cute. I remember our friends in Connecticut having quite a time with the deer eating their plants and flowers and they bought some kind of spray. Of course, your poor lilac won't be blooming anyway, and I hate that! I love lilacs!

  5. Nancy....I happened to notice the word abortion on your sidebar so I clcked on it! Wow! I remember that picture and I love it so much! I would love to get the book and read it! I was a volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Tidewater for about a year and a half when we still lived there and it was an association that meant a GREAT DEAL to me. I answered the phones once a week, fielding was powerful and meaningful work. I always approached it with lots of prayer. The critics have accused CPC of misleading women into thinking they will get an abortion just to get them in there, but I can tell you, that is completely untrue. We always told them the truth, and encouraged them to come in so they could become completely empowered with knowledge before they made their decision. Lots of women said no anyway, and then we lifted them in prayer. Of those who came in, some still chose to go somewhere for an abortion, but many, many did not. Those who chose to abort were always offered a list of questions to ask their provider, for their own safety. It is a labor of love, CPC, and I am so proud I was a part of it. I think of the babies they save daily and am so happy for each little one! I miss it now, and would love to go back when I'm not needed as much by my daughter to watch my grandson.

    1. I'm right there with you, Marie. I've ministered to women who have had abortions and seen first hand the emotional devastation that comes with that decision. Of course you won't hear that in the mainstream media, but it is a reality. I hope you'll be able to return to CPC one day. It's a wonderful organization. Thanks for sharing your experience on my blog. God bless you.


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