Thursday, April 7, 2011

Work on the New Homestead is Underway!

This is going to be short and sweet, because I'm old and tired. We spent most of the day working on our new homestead and let me tell you, I just ain't as young as I used to be. But you probably already figured that out.

Roger, our kitchen cabinet guy, pulled out the old cabinets and sink on Tuesday. After stacking the best of the cabinetry, this is what's left . . .

Behind the cabinets we found lathe and plaster. The plaster crumbled at the touch, so we'll be tearing out and replacing walls. This is not a surprise and taking the walls down to the studs will make it easier for the electrician to do his work. Dennis pulled up four layers of linoleum in the kitchen. Those are hardwood floors under the black adhesive. We're told our floor guy may be able to salvage the floor. We'll see. . .

While Dennis worked on the kitchen, I pulled up the carpet and pad in the living/dining room. Under this. . .

is this. . .

The wood is in pretty good shape. There are a couple of places that need repair, such as the spot you see in the foreground. The rest just needs refinishing. We meet with our floor guy Saturday morning. Can't wait!

Roger found a Kellogg's coupon behind the cabinets he removed. And Dennis found a marble behind a baseboard. . .

The expiration date on the coupon is December 31, 1955. Could this have been the period they installed the cabinets we just removed? Kind of makes me wonder what the kitchen looked like in 1926, when the house was built. 

Oh, by the way, I've decided since we can't decide if the house is a cabin or a cottage, I'm calling it a cab-age. (Ok, well, maybe I'm the only one who finds that funny.)

See you in a few days with more news on the homestead project.



  1. Ha Ha! "Cab-age!" That's great!
    Thanks for posting the pics and updating us! So excited for you both! One error in there, Nancy- you are NOT old! :-)
    Love you!

  2. i love the "Cabbage!" Good luck with the remodel work.

  3. I love to see the process and feel the excitement in your words as the house begins to take shape. Thanks for giving us a peek!

  4. Thanks everyone for taking this journey with me.


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