Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cleaning Buddy

Today is the kind of day that revs me up like a NASCAR driver at the Indy 500. The outside temperature is 54 degrees and the sky is partly cloudy. Aroma from a fresh-brewed cup of coffee is tickling my nostrils and I'm relaxing in front of the open french door. One of my favorite spots. Yup, it's what I call a French Door Day and I'm lovin' it.

I just finished a writing project that's had me glued to my computer for over a week. (No, not my book. That's still a work in progress.) In celebration of reaching my deadline, I went for a brisk walk on Riverwalk. I stopped along the way to breathe in the fresh mountain air and watch the rushing water, and that's when I noticed the debris. Little bits of styrofoam here, a takeout coffee cup lid there, a blue plastic bag hung up on a rock. All previously hidden under pristine, white patches of ice, but now as the cover receded in the warm air, quite visible in the river .

And that got me to thinking. How many of us have debris lurking in our lives that we never let anyone see? Unattractive stuff lodged under our squeaky clean exteriors that we'd love to tidy up?  

I've been blessed over the years to always have at least one friend that I could allow a peek at the junk in my life. That one non-judgmental person, besides my husband, with whom I'm free to be the real me. One woman who doesn't gasp when a piece of my life litter is revealed. I've got a couple of friends like that right now. I met with one of them over coffee this morning. We talked about the areas of our lives that need some work. Some debris that needs to be cleaned up. She encouraged me. I encouraged her. We'll check in with each other next Wednesday to see how we're doing with our cleanup projects. 

Do you have a cleaning buddy in your life? 

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. — Hebrews 10:24


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