Thursday, January 27, 2011

Honey, Have You Seen My Duct Tape?

My husband attended a men's breakfast at our church last Saturday. The event was publicized as a Man's Event. No flowers on the table, no tablecloths, and no quiche. No siree Bob. The tables were bare, and the menu was real he-man food. Steak, biscuits and gravy, potatoes, pancakes. All that artery-clogging, guilt-producing fare that men never seem to get at home, but which they secretly (or not so secretly) crave.

The organizers handed out name tags. As soon as Dennis showed me his, I knew it was blog fodder. He was not allowed to throw it away until I snapped a photo. 

If you're wondering what the red material is, it's duct tape. Yeah. Duct tape.  It's a guy thing. They love the stuff. In the words of Red Green, "Spare the duct tape, spoil the job." Apparently where duct tape is concerned, less is not more

Truth be told, Dennis is no stranger to duct tape.Take a look at his Bible.

I love the fact that my husband's Bible is so well-used that he has to hold it together with duct tape. Note the artist's touch. Silver band with just a hint of red. Nice. 

Fascinated with this male duct tape obsession, and having the world at my Mac, I did an online search of the sticky stuff. To my utter amazement, I discovered an entire duct tape culture. For example, did you know there are two men, Jim and Tim, known as "The Duct Tape Guys"? I visited their website and discovered Tim and Jim have taken common duct tape and elevated it to an art form: "Duct Tape Fashions", "Cookin' with the Duct Tape Guys", and "The Refrigerator" -- for all things duct. My duct tape hat goes off to Tim and Jim.

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I've been ruminating on how the men's ministry could take their gatherings to the next level, and here's my suggestion.  At their next breakfast they should do a Duct Tape Craft. Right after they consume mass quantities of Sausage and Gravy Quiche, of course.

God looked over everything he had made; 
      it was so good, so very good! -- Genesis 1:31, The Message


  1. It's so funny you wrote this blog, since Bill and I were just talking about duct tape. I am the one in our house that always says use duct tape. Bill always laughs at me because I love duct tape and use it a lot, so it's our joke. I even bring it on vacation, because you never know when you might need it.

  2. I wish they made clear duct tape for us musicians. I'm forever taping pieces of music together. Whoever thought of this and invented it would receive my everlasting gratitude. . . and lots of money!

  3. The carnival is up! Thank you for participating. :)

  4. Toni, thank you for allowing me to participate. God bless!

  5. Great to be featured with you on Toni's blog carnival. And the duct tape name tag is truly hysterical and very manly :-) God bless you!

  6. Thanks, Joii. I can see I'm in good company. Love your blog and your beautiful smile. Shalom!


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