Thursday, July 8, 2010

Confessions of a Farmers' Market Junkie

The Estes Valley Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 8:00 - 11:30 AM at the Fairgrounds. For weeks I've wanted to check it out. Today I headed for the market with green shopping bag in hand. Vegetables and fruits in all their earthy splendor beckoned to me like Sirens. Green and yellow peppers, firm cucumbers, petite zucchini, luscious peaches and gorgeous tomatoes.  The fresh floral bouquets knew my name, "Pssst, Nancy, over here.  See?  You know you want us." 

I'm a chump for fresh flowers.  Back in the early 90's I planted a cutting garden.  One of the very best decisions I ever made. Beautiful flowers graced our home all summer through early fall.  Flowers on the tables, on nightstands, on top of the piano, in the bath -- well, you get the idea. Now that I live in an apartment, the Farmers' Market is an acceptable alternative to my own garden for fresh flowers. A bit of a splurge, perhaps, but I find them irresistible. Fortunately, my husband feels the same way.  He grinned like a little boy in a Lego shop when he saw the beautiful bouquet on our dining table this morning.  His smile topped the charts when he spied the Wandering Jew near the french doors.

Dennis and I have begun to look at property to buy. If the search goes well, by this time next year we may have our own garden. For now I'm just happy to have a local farmers' market to feed my addiction. --NR

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